Peddler Advertising solution is  advertising for media buying

How It Works ?

Our goal is to enable anyone to plan, buy and manage their
marketing campaigns with Peddler Advertising Solution
  • STEP 1

    Explore 200K+ Media Options with Peddler Ads

  • STEP 2

    Select Media Options with 

    Peddler Ads

  • STEP 3

    Book Your Ad/s and Create Campaign with Peddler Ads

  • STEP 4

    Assign Campaign Dates, Mail Artwork and Make Payment

  • STEP 5

    Receive Execution Proof and Invoice for Campaign


Satyender Kumar

Cofounder, fivefox

"Peddler Ads has been our one point of solution for all marketing needs.We have been using Peddler Ads for Planning and executing our ad. campaigns. Peddler Ads is like a marketing team member with zero cost."

"Peddler Ads is phenomenal in terms of opening a marketeer's mind to the whole range media option especially the not so well known ones.Whats even more valuable is it one stop place to quickly get information to access the reach, cost estimates and put together a basic plan."

"Peddler Ads  played a main role behind our success!!​ Peddler Ads ​is​ helpful for us ​b​y passing the direct exclusive leads which ​helped us to close the deal easily ​and also giving us an opportunity to build more client contacts for future business ."

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